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Don’t Just Stand There!

Sweet, sweet, Wednesday. This week I’m going to break down the nitty gritty of Samasthiti or equal standing pose.  Like with most yoga poses this may seem like a piece of cake but when done the correct way engaging the muscles including that lovely core and breathing like a powerhouse that you are, you may just break a sweat.  From standing. Coming into Samasthiti, you’ll find yourself at the top.. Read More

Heart on Fire

This life is multidimensional.  When you think you understand something like death, the creation of life, the heart pounding feeling of love, the universe surprises you with something new and says “ha-ha not so fast”. I love this life because of this reason. It is bigger than you can ever imagine. Peeling back these thick juicy layers one by one. And just like an onion, with each layer that is.. Read More

Loco for Coco Milk (recipe included)

What a delicious morning! On the Caribbean island of Bastimentos coconuts are everywhere! This was my first time making my own coconut milk and the timing was perfect because we just received a batch of fresh dark chocolate granola from the organic chocolate farm . It was awesome.       If you have non processed (shredded) coconut available to you I strongly recommend trying this easy and healthy alternative to.. Read More

The Body House

Being away from my comfort zone took me a moment to fully adjust. While traveling abroad I encountered a few problems; I couldn’t find a quiet space to do yoga and I didn’t have my yoga mat.I had hoped of finding one along the way without luck and I was having a hard time finding a quiet zone in a shared house. If I was lucky, I was only doing.. Read More

Freedom Flow: Body and Mind

SunYogaBum is brought to you by the inspiration and confidence that I have in my yoga practice. And it all started with no hesitation. The pros were the ability to share what I spend most of my day doing and the freedom I had in my choice of when and where I wanted to “work” . When I thought of the possible cons of turning my passion into a career,.. Read More

First Workshop of 2015- Montanita, Ecuador

The first SunYogaBum workshop of 2015 is here! This AcroYoga inspired workshop will feature first level acrobatics as well as a strong Vinyasa flow. Montanita is a coastal jungle of surf and nightlife which makes it a must stop for backpackers traveling through Ecuador. Start your morning off on the beach soaking in the rays, awaken the circus monkey inside of you and use what you learn to on the.. Read More

How I Manage to Have a Good, Good Morning-Every Morning.

There is one thing that I absolutely live by no matter if I’m feeling tired, sad, excited, or hungover- *Invest time in myself* and for me this means in the morning. I love to remember why I’m alive, why I truly enjoy myself, and the mornings when I spend them with the people I love most are even more satisfying .  Doing this in the morning allows me to make.. Read More