This life is multidimensional.  When you think you understand something like death, the creation of life, the heart pounding feeling of love, the universe surprises you with something new and says “ha-ha not so fast”.

I love this life because of this reason. It is bigger than you can ever imagine. Peeling back these thick juicy layers one by one. And just like an onion, with each layer that is striped back creates a physical release tears, laughter, sighing, etc.

I express these releases because of gratitude. I am so incredibly lucky to experience this magnificent life. To be able to FEEl emotions, and I mean really, really feel them. The vibrations streaming through my physical body, magical and magnificent.

Today I am feeling nothing but love. I want to jump up and down with open arms. THANK YOU universe for allowing me to feel this so strongly today. You have opened your arms and I have graciously embraced your warmness. thank you, thank you, thank you.


this woman’s light is fiercely beaming tonight