What a delicious morning! On the Caribbean island of Bastimentos coconuts are everywhere! This was my first time making my own coconut milk and the timing was perfect because we just received a batch of fresh dark chocolate granola from the organic chocolate farm . It was awesome.




Waiting to be juiced
Waiting to be juiced

If you have non processed (shredded) coconut available to you I strongly recommend trying this easy and healthy alternative to dairy milk. Nutrient packed goodness

no one can resist!

finished product
finished product



Drooling for Coconut Milk

Yield: about a half gallon


2 cups of freshly shredded coconut

4 cups hot, not boiling water

Honey or agave syrup

food processor or VitaMix


1.) Put that white fluffy coconut into your food processor of VitaMix along with ONLY 2 cups of the water to start. Pulse until you see a white creamy liquid start to appear.

2.) using a sieve, pour contents of the food processor into another bowl separating the milk from the shredded coconut.

3.) add the coconut back into food processor and add remaining 2 cups of water. Pulse  and pour back into sieve

4.) to get the remaining milk use your hands to gently squeeze the coconut through the sieve to get the last of this heavenly drink.

5.) add a little honey or agave syrup to sweeten to taste


Coconut milk is an excellent source of calcium and much easier to digest than dairy milk. Try replacing coconut milk in smoothies, coffee, granola, cereal, and almost any recipe that calls for traditional milk. My favorite way to enjoy is to mix the coconut milk with chia seeds, cashews, almonds, and seasonal fruits.


Next on the to do list: almond / coconut milk blend