Being away from my comfort zone took me a moment to fully adjust. While traveling abroad I encountered a few problems; I couldn’t find a quiet space to do yoga and I didn’t have my yoga mat.I had hoped of finding one along the way without luck and I was having a hard time finding a quiet zone in a shared house. If I was lucky, I was only doing yoga once a day and I wasn’t feeling like myself at all. Full of despair I searched and eventually encountered gratefulness. I finally found a local yoga teacher who spoke only spanish and even shared her space with me. Her offer was a miracle.

I was expressing this concern to a woman who attended the acroyoga workshop I led in Montanita. She enlightened me with her response. It was almost as if she knew exactly what I needed to hear.

She reminded me that I have my body and that is all the space I need. What she said was absolutely correct. I did not need a physical space as long as I could find the space in my heart, mind and body.

Yoga is not about having a mat or a wide open room, but about allowing the breathe to flow through and open the heart, body, and mind. And this my friends …can happen anywhere.

This lesson transfers beyond a yoga practice. It is the answer to procrastination. So long to telling yourself you would start a project if and when you had the correct tools.

The time is now and you are fully equipped.