SunYogaBum is brought to you by the inspiration and confidence that I have in my yoga practice. And it all started with no hesitation. The pros were the ability to share what I spend most of my day doing and the freedom I had in my choice of when and where I wanted to “work” . When I thought of the possible cons of turning my passion into a career, I could not think of any. It was a giant high five saying “you go girl”.

To think without failure in mind and only love is extremely refreshing . This is exactly what our careers should be driven by, right? Some kind of love. It is so valuable to know that the motivation for SunYogaBum is not money but instead the reward of gratitude, freedom, and smiles from the yoga community all over the globe. I can only hope that I can pass along the feeling yoga gives to those who choose me to guide them.

Good music plays a huge part in my yoga practice as well as my day! Here is a link to the playlist I was listening to while working and writing today.