There is one thing that I absolutely live by no matter if I’m feeling tired, sad, excited, or hungover-

*Invest time in myself*

and for me this means in the morning.

I love to remember why I’m alive, why I truly enjoy myself, and the mornings when I spend them with the people I love most are even more satisfying .  Doing this in the morning allows me to make the absolute most of my day and it never fails me.  Here are my sacred morning habits that I am strongly suggesting you give a try especially if you get called out for being grumpy or feel like you’re slowly drifting through your day.  Wake up a little earlier and give these a try to see guaranteed positive results!

smiles and light,



One.) Water the Seed

Before even getting out of bed set an intention for yourself and your day.  How you want to feel, how you want to be treated, maybe some things you would like to get done.  The thought may come fast or it may take a few moments but be sure to have a clear intention.  Fill a glass of water and have it near your bedside the night before and cover it with a tissue.  This keeps the water pure from the energies that are floating around in the night.  After you have set your clear intention for the day, seal it with that pure H2O.


Two.) Meditation Bliss

Meditation is a time to quiet the mind and body and allow you to feel what naturally comes.  Meditation was intimidating for me when I first began.  I would start to feel quiet and still and my mind would suddenly skip away thinking about how badly I needed a pedicure.  Meditation is so much more than just sitting in silence.  It’s training your mind and body to allow the stillness and hold it gently like a baby otherwise it will run away.  A great training method I used was the help of a guided meditation audio.  Take note of the voice and tone of the guide and how it makes you feel. This is the voice that you find reassuring and relaxing enough to listen to 100%.


Three.) Shake, Wiggle, or Wag

Move your body! But first, slowly.  After meditation I will slowly stretch my body awakening the senses and loosening up after laying down for a long period of time.  This slow, gentle, self massage is the most favorite part of my day.  If you’re wondering how to move or what you should look like, STOP! You’re thinking too much. Listen to your body and what you need.  This is YOUR body and no one knows it better than you.  When your muscles and mind are all loosey goosey, go right into a Vinyasa flow, a run, a walk, or even a dance.  Just move around!

*Stay tuned for a post about a specific Vinyasa flow that are geared towards a good, good AM